How To Make Your New Dentures Look As Natural As Possible

When it's decided that you need your first set of dentures, it's natural for there to be some concerns. Most concerns will only be temporary. But how natural are your dentures going to look and feel? 

Temporarily Unnatural 

Eating, speaking, and generally wearing dentures will feel unnatural at first. The physical presence of the acrylic denture base plate pressing against your palate will feel odd. Your jaw muscles also account for the weight of the dentures, along with the potential increase in mastication (chewing motions) now that you have a complete set of teeth again. You will rapidly grow used to these sensations, and will soon stop being aware of them. In short, your dentures will quickly feel natural.

Authentic Appearance

Dentures that fit properly should also look relatively natural. You may have doubts about the authentic appearance of your new dentures, and looking at yourself in the mirror with a complete set of teeth may be a novelty. As a novelty, they may look unnatural to you, but your opinion will quickly change. For a continuing genuine appearance, you should make an early decision about your denture materials. 

Teeth Selection

The prosthetic teeth slotted into a denture base plate are usually acrylic. These offer sufficient strength to function as teeth and look quite natural. They're also easy to work with (from a dentist's perspective) and are cost-effective. However, as the years go by and your acrylic teeth become tarnished from daily wear and tear, they won't look as natural as they once did. Instead, choose porcelain teeth for your dentures. These are more expensive, but as porcelain duplicates the look of natural dental enamel, your porcelain prosthetic teeth will last longer and will look better for longer. But what about the base plate?

Base Plate Selection

Denture base plates are pink in color, and this shade of pink is designed to match and blend into your gums and oral mucosa (the lining of your mouth). These plates are typically made entirely of resin, but can also be resin made around a metal frame. Denture base plates need to be periodically (but only occasionally) adjusted, having a new layer of resin added to their surfaces for a continuing good fit. Base plates with a metal frame will still need relining but are less prone to accidental breakage. 

Your dentures will feel natural soon enough, and by making some specific choices about their materials, your dentures will look natural for many years to come.

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