Using Implants To Restore Your Smile's Appearance

Whenever a person has suffered a lost tooth, replacing it can be a matter of cosmetic and functional importance. Fortunately, modern advances have enabled individuals to fully address this problem with the use of teeth implants.

A Thorough Evaluation Is Needed To Determine Whether Teeth Implants Are A Viable Option

Before it is possible to determine whether or not dental implants can be placed, a patient will need to undergo an extensive evaluation. This evaluation will be required to determine whether or not the patient's mouth will be able to support the implant. In particular, the health of the patient's jaw and gums will need to be reviewed. Both these parts of the mouth will need to be healthy for the patient to qualify for dental implants. Additionally, the spacing between the teeth should be reviewed to determine whether the teeth have shifted to fill the gap that was left behind. When this occurs, the positioning of the neighboring teeth may need to be adjusted to make space for the implant.

Teeth Implants Can Match The Shade Of The Patient's Natural Teeth

A patient may have some worries that their new implant will not match the rest of the teeth in their mouths. This could lead to these teeth being more easily noticed. Luckily, a dental professional will work diligently to match the color of the replacement tooth to the patient's natural teeth. This can provide a seamless look that will perfectly restore a patient's smile to its original condition. However, the dental implant will not be subjected to discoloration over time, and this means that you will want to be diligent with cleaning your natural teeth to avoid the risk of them becoming a darker shade than they were when the implant was placed. If this occurs, it is possible to replace the artificial tooth with one that will more closely match.

Teeth Implant Patients Can Expect To Need Multiple Visits To The Dentist After The Implant Is Placed

During the course of a patient's recovery, they will need to make multiple visits to their dentist in order to have their progress assessed. This can allow the dentist to inspect the implant site for signs of infection or other post-procedure complications. Furthermore, this can allow the patient's overall healing process to be evaluated to determine when it will be time for the artificial tooth to be placed on the implant site. Missing these assessments can result in your recovery potentially taking significantly longer to complete. 

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