Using Orthodontic Treatments for Your Dental Issues

For those that suffer significant dental alignment issues, there are orthodontic treatments that can improve the appearance of their smile as well as its functionality. Despite the fact that orthodontic treatments are a routine cosmetic procedure for people to undergo, it is necessary to learn more about these treatments before you can determine if they are likely to provide the results you want.

There Are Orthodontic Treatments That Can Address Alignment Problems for Adults

Many individuals will need to wear braces when they are growing up. However, there are also individuals that may have benefited from these treatments in their youth, but they may not have been an option. For these individuals, it is important to appreciate that adults will be able to utilize orthodontic treatments to straighten the tooth or bite alignment problems that adults will experience. In addition to being effective, there are orthodontic treatments discrete enough to avoid interfering with a person's ability to speak in professional settings.

Orthodontic Treatments May Not Cause Substantial Discomfort for You

Individuals often overestimate the amount of pain and discomfort that will come with orthodontic treatments. More specifically, people may assume that these treatments will be remarkably painful for the duration of the treatment. Luckily, the discomfort that comes from orthodontic treatments will generally be mild. Over-the-counter pain medications can generally be sufficient for handling the discomfort that a patient feels when they have recently had adjustments made to their braces or retainers. Furthermore, the discomfort from this dental work will be short-lived as most individuals may only experience discomfort for the first day or two after their braces are applied or adjusted.

Dental Extractions Are Not Always Required for a Person to Undergo Orthodontic Adjustments

Some patients may need to have teeth extracted due to overcrowding. Crowded teeth can contribute to severe alignment issues as there may not be enough space for the teeth to develop. Luckily, many patients will find that this is not necessary. During your evaluation with an orthodontist, you will be thoroughly evaluated to determine whether crowding is a significant problem for your mouth. If it is determined to be an issue, the orthodontist can assist you with understanding the extraction option. However, these professionals will generally try to avoid extractions, but they can occasionally be unavoidable. If extractions are needed, this will need to be done first, and the patient's mouth will need time to heal before the braces can be placed on the teeth.