Mouth Care Products For At Home And Away

It's important for you to know how to properly care for your teeth while you are at home and when you are away from home. The tips below will help you to make sure you are always taking proper care of your teeth, no matter where you are or what your schedule happens to be:

Use the right products at home

You should take advantage of the best tooth care products available to you when you are at home. You should have a soft to medium bristled tooth brush with a slight bend near the head and that has a head that's about an inch in length. Use tooth paste that focuses on your biggest concerns, whether they may be whitening, bad breath or cavity prevention. Use wax covered floss after each meal and before bed.

Also, consider going with an electric tooth brush if you don't have an aversion to them for any particular reason, they will help you get your teeth cleaner faster and with less effort. Have a water irrigator available to you at home so you can use it in the evening times to blast anything in your teeth and along your gums that may have been left behind after brushing. Care for your dental care products in the following manner:

  • Store them in a dry and clean place away from the toilet and wastebasket.
  • Don't wrap tooth brushes in plastic.
  • Rinse them well after each use.
  • Only use the same piece of floss once then throw it away.
  • Replace direct contact dental products after an illness.
  • Use a tongue scraper instead of a tooth brush.

Use the right products when away from home

You should keep a dental care kit in your vehicle for times when you are away from home. You can get a travel kit that contains a storable tooth brush, a little tooth paste tube, a trial size floss and small bottle of mouthwash that's large enough for a few uses. The entire kit can fit in a small bag so it takes up very little space and can even fit in the glove compartment. Take care of your travel kit in the following manner:

  • Replace the tooth brush often since it has a cap that covers it which can lead to bacteria growth.
  • Make sure you check the expiration dates on the tooth paste and mouthwash regularly.
  • Store the kit in its own bag with no other items to avoid contamination.
  • Make sure you put the lid on the tooth paste tightly.  

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