2 Easy Tips for Maintaining Your Lower Bar-Retained Denture

If you happen to get a lower denture that is bar retained, then your dentures are securely clipped into place using a bar. The bar can be difficult to keep clean because the denture is fitted over the bar, but it is important to clean all areas of the dentures and not just the areas that you can see. Since the bar is difficult to spot, this can quickly lead to build up in this area. If you are trying to fight off bacterial infection, then this can actually result in gum disease. Fortunately, there are a few quick tips that you can use in order to make sure that your lower bar retained denture is always well-maintained.

Skip Traditional Floss and Move to Water Floss

Denture wearers often stick to traditional floss if they only have lower, upper, or partial dentures. However, once you get dentures installed, you should consider skipping traditional floss and getting a water flosser. A water flosser is much better for cleaning all of the small crevices and holes that dentures create. A water flosser is just as effective as traditional floss since it relies on medium water pressure to dislodge food. You can even add an oral rinse to your water flosser in order to kill off bacteria. You will get the best results from a water flosser when you use it directly after eating. This prevents the food from having enough time to harden.

Watch What You Eat

Maintaining a lower bar retained denture is much easier if you are cognizant of the foods that you are eating. Some foods like taffy and rare meats are not as forgiving on dentures. These foods can not only damage dentures, but they can easily get stuck around your bar area. Since this area often goes unnoticed, the food will usually sit for some time until it has been removed. Therefore, stick to a diet that is full of softer foods. These foods may not be as tasty, but they are much easier on your teeth and easier to remove. Soft vegetables and fruits are good examples of foods that are denture friendly. Switching up your diet will help to ward off a potential bacterial infection.

Getting a lower bar-retained denture can change the way that you smile and carry yourself. Use these tips to make sure that they are always well-maintained and last for several years. For more information about lower bar-retained dentures, talk to a dentist like those at Pike Dentistry.