Great Reasons To Consider Clear Removable Teeth Aligners

Removable teeth aligners have gained popularity over the past few years. They are a good solution for individuals who want to straighten their teeth but do not want metal brackets. This orthodontic solution also is a good fit for individuals who are concerned about diet restrictions that are associated with braces. Clear removable teeth aligners can be seamlessly worn and easily removed before and after eating. The following points will help you learn more about this innovative orthodontic solution.

How It Works

You will receive custom-fitted removable teeth aligners that will need to be worn most of the day. The aligners routinely get replaced as the teeth get straighter. This is because the straightening process requires good-fitting aligners to achieve the best results. Going to the dentist or orthodontic as recommended can result in shorter treatment times, which is another thing that makes removable aligners an appealing choice to some individuals.

Comfort Comparison

You can expect your removable aligners to be comfortable in comparison to other orthodontic solutions. There might be minimal discomfort when you get new aligners due to your mouth needing to adjust. However, the wires in traditional braces are worth comparing to this option. Wires can break and cause mouth pain. This is an agony you likely will never experience with aligners.


Removable teeth aligners can fix a variety of tooth imperfections. They are ideal for complex and minor issues. They are appropriate for various age groups. Some teens do not clean between traditional braces. This can create many problems such as tooth decay or bad breath. Removable aligners allow individuals to get their devices out of their mouths when they need to perform dental hygiene routines. At the completion of aligner treatments, individuals can expect results that are comparable to those achieved with traditional braces that have been cared for properly. Decalcification can occur and leave spots on teeth when traditional braces are worn and not maintained. The spots appear in the areas where the brackets are placed. This issue likely will not occur with aligners because they get removed throughout each day for eating and dental hygiene activities. 

Easy and Fast Office Visits

Traditional braces require tightening and other procedures. This can make office visits longer. Unexpected broken brackets are another potential issue that may require emergency, unplanned office visits. Aligners do not need manual adjusting. Patients are given extra aligners so that if they lose aligners they will not have to return to the office. This is a time-saving convenience. 

A dentist or orthodontist is a good resource to use to learn more about removable teeth aligners. They can help you compare orthodontic solutions to determine the best fit for your preferences, budget, expectations, and lifestyle.