4 Reasons You May Need A Dental Crown

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, there are many procedures that can give you a healthier or more attractive smile. One common dental procedure is a dental crown, which covers the entire exposed portion of the tooth. While veneers can only be placed on front teeth, dental crowns can be used on front and back teeth. Check out these four reasons you may need a dental crown.

The Tooth Is Weak From Decay

The main reason to get a dental crown is to strengthen the tooth, and many teeth become weak from decay and poor oral hygiene. If your tooth has a lot of cracks or big fillings, it increases the risk of infection. At the same time, the tooth loses its durability, making it more likely to literally crack under the pressure of chewing. A dental crown covers the entire exposed portion of the tooth, giving in a new shell, which makes it stronger. In addition, the tooth is better protected from decay, except near the gum line. It's still important to keep teeth clean. Dental crowns may irritate gums, causing slight recession, and poor oral hygiene will only worsen the recession.

You Have Multiple Cosmetic Concerns

If your teeth are a little crooked, dental crowns can help, but they shouldn't be your first choice because they permanently alter the tooth. For the crown to fit, tooth enamel must be removed, exposing the tooth to decay. However, if you have multiple cosmetic concerns, and your teeth are weak, some procedures (such as braces) may damage teeth. For this reason, dental crowns may be a great choice. They can make teeth look straight, white, and even.

You've Had Root Canal Therapy

If your dentist has suggested root canal therapy for an infected tooth, you'll also need a crown. This is because root canal therapy replaces the entire pulp of the tooth. This vastly weakens the tooth, so a crown is needed to strengthen it. Unfortunately, getting crowns on healthy teeth for cosmetic reasons may actually cause the tooth to become infected. This is particularly true on the front teeth, which are thin. If the dentist removes too much enamel, it may cause trauma to the tooth root, allowing bacteria to enter. For this reason, all-porcelain crowns or veneers are recommended on front teeth because they require less tissue to be removed.  

The Tooth Is Broken

If your tooth has shattered or broken, a dental crown may actually save the tooth. In most cases, the dentist may recommend removing the tooth and replacing it with a dental bridge or implant. However, in some cases, the tooth can be rebuilt. A post is often inserted and the tooth is rebuild like a big filling. Of course, this process weakens the tooth, so a crown is needed to add strength. In some cases, this can allow you to keep the tooth the rest of your life, but at the very least, it may be what you need to save up for a better treatment.

If your dentist has suggest a crown, or you believe dental crowns may be the right choice for your smile, talk with your dentist about a plan for treatment. With dental crowns, you can get stronger teeth and a more beautiful smile. For more information, schedule an appointment with your dental clinic today.