A Few Things You Should Know About Cosmetic Dentistry

When it comes to keeping your smile looking great, you want to have a good understanding of things you can do to correct certain cosmetic issues. Here are some tips to having a fantastic looking smile and how dental veneers can fix certain issues.

Your teeth are starting to look darker

If your teeth are looking darker, they may just need to be whitened. You can try store bought products, but they will take longer than if you go to the dentist to have them whitened. Or, it may be that the enamel is thinning as you age. You may also be doing things that also cause the enamel to thin, such as using hard bristled tooth brushes and bushing too hard, or too much.

If the enamel thinning is what is causing your teeth to become darker looking, then the only thing that's going to help is to cover them with something. The dentist will help you to decide what this should be. Some of the options include bonding applied to them, porcelain dental veneers put on them, or crowns put on them.

Some of your teeth are shorter than the others, or some are misshapen

If you have one or more teeth that are shorter than the others, or you have one or more that have a different shape to them, then those teeth can draw people's attention when you smile or talk. If you have something like what's described here wrong with any of your teeth, then the dentist may be able to use bonding to add onto shorter teeth right in the dental office. Worse situations can be corrected with veneers. Since the veneers will be designed to match the surrounding teeth, they won't stand out, looking just as if they are your own teeth.

You have a cavity on a very visible tooth

If you have a cavity on one of your molars, the dentist may just fill it with that all too familiar silver filling material. However, when you happen to have a cavity on a tooth that's going to be very visible when you smile, you don't want a silver filling. Luckily, the dentist will be able to fill the cavity with a material they can custom tailor to match the rest of that tooth. This will take care of the cavity and give you back your smile without anyone knowing you ever had a cavity.