Options For Whitening Your Teeth

If your teeth are discolored, there is likely a cosmetic dental procedure to whiten them. Still, every type of discoloration does not respond to every type of whitening solution. Here are some of the whitening methods used to improve the color of the teeth and the types of discoloration for which they are effective:

Whitening Home Remedies

Many home remedies that whiten the teeth are effective for minor dental staining, such as recent discoloration from foods and drinks. When a person consumes food and beverages, the pigments inside the substances can become trapped within the pores or tiny holes of the tooth enamel. As these pigments continue to build up over time, the teeth come more discolored. 

Here are a few home remedies that can help whiten the teeth:

Apply baking soda and 3-percent hydrogen peroxide to the teeth. 

Sodium bicarbonate, which is commonly called baking soda, can whiten the teeth due to its abrasive texture. Hydrogen peroxide works in another way. It whitens chemically through the bleaching properties of oxygenation. When mixed together, you can target the discoloration in two different ways for good results. Still, the whitening effects are mild and may take a while to become evident.

Make your own turmeric toothpaste.

By mixing turmeric and water to form a paste, you can make your own homemade whitening paste. The turmeric should be brushed onto the teeth just as conventional toothpaste is applied. 

Due to the yellow color of the spice, expect your toothbrush bristles to be permanently stained. However, your teeth should become whiter with regular use. 

Professional Whitening Options

Professional whitening options can only be obtained through a dentist's office. 

Visit your dentist to have a professional whitening product applied.

Your dentist can whiten your teeth in his or her office. Professional products are often fast-acting and safer than other whitening methods. The improved color of your teeth will likely be noticed after a single professional application, but you may choose to schedule additional appointments until the desired tooth shade is achieved.

Use professional take-home products.

Your dentist may also suggest professional products that you can use at home. They may not produce results as quickly as an in-office application, but they work quickly and effectively with proper application. Many of these products include customized mouth trays that are designed to fit your teeth specifically, so that the whitening product is properly directed in the mouth. 

To learn more teeth-whitening methods, schedule an appointment with a dentist in your area, such as Graylyn Dental.