Four Tips To Help Store Dentures Safely

If you have recently been fitted for dentures or have had bad luck with keeping dentures safe and unharmed, you may want to review your denture storage options. There are a few tips and tricks for storing dentures on a daily basis, on the go, or for more long-term needs. Here are four tips for storing dentures in various situations that you might come across.

1. Using the Correct Cleaning Solution

Dentures shouldn't just be kept on the bathroom counter or nightstand table and shouldn't just be put in a dry case overnight. Rinsing and soaking your dentures will keep them free from bacteria and help them keep their shape fitted with your mouth and gums. Finding a case for dentures that fully closes and also can accommodate denture solution will extend the life of your dentures.

2. Up and Away from Kids and Pets

It might seem easiest to keep dentures in solution nearby, but it might be safer to keep them somewhere that only you can access. Kids might be curious and could break dentures on accident. Pets might even try to eat dentures if these are left out in an easy-to-access place, which is a lose-lose for everyone. Keep your dentures closed in a case in a designated spot up high or in a medicine cabinet.

3. Don't Forget Travel Containers

While you might have your routine down at home, don't forget about your denture needs when traveling. Be sure to bring along solution and a case for dentures that can be packed and used while on the road. You might need to give your mouth and gums a break if you are away from your hotel for a long period of time. This can be easy to do with a smaller travel case for dentures that can be tucked into your purse or backpack.

4. Long Term Storage

Having an older or backup pair of dentures is always a smart idea. What you shouldn't do is get so excited about a new pair of dentures that your old dentures are discarded in a drawer and aren't stored properly. Much like you would overnight, store your backup dentures in solution that you change periodically. This will keep dentures ready to go for emergencies.

While dentures are made to withstand wear and tear, there is no need to push this. If you can keep your dentures safe and stored correctly in all situations, your dentures can last longer for your needs. Dentures aren't cheap, so make sure you get all of the mileage out of them that you can with proper storage.