2 Aftercare Tips To Improve Your Recovery Process After A Root Scaling Procedure

Poor dental care can often result in the buildup of dental calculus around your teeth. If left untreated, this can result in early signs of gum disease. If your buildup is mild, then your dentist may recommend a root scaling procedure to help remove the buildup and avoid severe gum disease. This procedure is considered to be a more advanced version of your standard deep cleaning. The scaling process works well because it is more aggressive in removing buildup. While the root scaling procedure is important, the aftercare is just as important. Fortunately, there are a few aftercare tips that you can use in order to help make your recovery from a root scaling procedure a lot smoother.

Use Clove Oil to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

Since a root scaling procedure scrapes all of the hardened debris from your teeth, you may notice increased tooth sensitivity after the procedure. These after effects are usually temporary and will go away once your gums heal. Tooth sensitivity may make it difficult to eat and drink without feeling a slight pain. In order to reduce this discomfort, you can apply clove oil to the affected areas. Clove oil is typically used in dental care to treat toothaches and dry socket. Its analgesic properties make it a good solution for alleviating tooth sensitivity. Simply, apply the oil to a cotton ball and rub the cotton ball over your teeth. Begin applying clove oil to your teeth within the first few hours following your root scaling procedure..

Avoid Eating Hard Foods

After the procedure, you may notice increased soreness around your gums. This happens because a root scaling reaches deep into your gum pockets to clean out any hidden food and debris. The more buildup that you had prior to the procedure, the more likely that your gums may feel tender afterwards. Therefore, eating tough foods will only aggravate your gums and will cause them to bleed. Your gums will need ample time to fully heal and recover from the procedure. You can aid in the healing process by only consuming soft foods during this time. Foods like soups, mashed potatoes and milkshakes are gentle on your gums since they require very little chewing.

A root scaling procedure is extremely effective in removing dental calculus and will leave your teeth and gums feeling renewed. Therefore, use these aftercare tips to help make your recovery process easier. 

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