Four Signs You Have A Dental Infection

Dental infections are slightly different than other dental issues in the signs and symptoms you experience. It is also important that you get the source of the infection addressed as soon as possible, whether it is from an abscessed tooth or a gum infection. Don't ignore these four common signs of a dental infection.

Pain in a Larger General Area

Many different tooth and gum problems cause pain, so a simple toothache is not enough to signal an infection. Instead of just paying attention to mild tooth pain, consider the severity, how often it hurts, and what area is hurting. With infections, the pain tends to start with the problem tooth, then radiate out to other nearby teeth. If you have pain that feels like it is covering almost an entire side of your mouth, it is probably an infection. Infection pain also tends to be more severe and hurt at different times, not just when chewing.

Swelling of the Cheeks or Lymph Nodes

If you have swelling that is accompanying tooth pain, you probably have an infection. This can be caused by abscessed teeth or other types of dental infections. Typically, your cheek will swell up if the infection is in the top row of teeth or the lymph nodes and neck area will be swollen if it is with a lower tooth. The lymph nodes might also be tender to the touch in addition to swelling, which is another classic sign of dental infection.

You Have a General Ill Feeling

You may also feel malaise or a general ill feeling. If you feel like you just don't feel good with lack of energy or like something isn't quite right, it could be due to a dental infection. Dental infections can get into the bloodstream, which do affect your mood, energy level, and how you are feeling on a daily basis. You may find that you visit your doctor due to this feeling, but they don't find anything wrong with you. If this happens, your next stop should be to see your dentist.

There is Bad Odor or Taste in Your Mouth

If you have never had bad breath before, but now suddenly you notice an odor coming out of your mouth when breathing, you could have a dental infection. This is sometimes one of the first symptoms you experience, even before the intense pain and swelling. If you have an abscess infection, you might also have a bad taste in your mouth, which is from the infection leaking out of the tooth. If you have concerns about a tooth, contact a dentist, such as Michael G Landy DDS.