Try Dental & Kid=Friendly Cinnamon & Honey Toast

You may think that brushing your kids' teeth, flossing and visiting the dentist is all you can do to improve oral wellness. But there are other things you can do to improve your children's oral health, like giving them a piece of toast that is topped with cinnamon & honey.

Secrets Behind Buttered Honey Toast

The recipe calls for some butter, but you have to make sure that you use raw butter or butter from grass-fed cows. These types of natural butters contain a hefty amount of vitamin K2.

Your children's body will use vitamin K2 to track down any areas that need calcium. Remember that teeth are made of calcium and need constant replenishing. Calcium helps the enamel remineralize and continue to fight off bacterial attacks that eventually lead to things, like dental erosion or cavities.

You will also be using cinnamon, which contains cinnamic aldehyde. Cinnamic aldehyde is an active ingredient that oral pathogens have a hard time withstanding. This ingredient attacks the outer-membranes of the bacteria in the mouth. The attack causes mortal wounds and the bacteria eventually die. Just as a side note, cinnamon happens to kill the bacterium that cause bad breath, too.

Honey is the last ingredient you need to pay attention to. Honey contains enzymes that hinder the reproductive capabilities of the bacteria in the mouth. This should dramatically reduce any oral damage the oral pathogens have caused.

You should also know that honey is naturally osmotic. This means honey will dehydrate the bacteria in the mouth to the point of their demise. Just make sure that you purchase raw honey for this effect. You can purchase raw honey from your local bee farm, farmer's market, health food store or online.

Remember that the aforementioned dental-friendly ingredients are only meant to prevent oral problems from escalating. Talk to your pediatric dentist if your children are feeling any pain. Pains are signs of infections or cavities, and you will need your dentist to help you with this.

Buttery Honey Toast With Cinnamon


  • 2 slices of sprouted bread
  • Raw honey
  • Raw butter or grass-fed butter
  • Cinnamon powder


  1. Warm up your skillet under medium heat.
  2. Toss enough raw butter for one slice of bread.
  3. Start cooking your bread until it is toasted enough for your liking. Add more butter if needed.
  4. Repeat the process with your second piece of bread.
  5. Spread one fresh layer of butter on your toast.
  6. Add a layer of honey over your toast.
  7. Sprinkle a dash of cinnamon over your toast, and enjoy.

This dish should be perfect for breakfast or just as dessert after a meal. As you can see, taking care of your children's teeth can be sweet and tasty, too.