Those Moments When You Wish You Had A Better Smile

Most people can remember a time when they wish they were more comfortable smiling. If you add up those moments, you'll see that there are many times when a bright, white smile would be beneficial. After the fact, you may think about cosmetic dentistry for a teeth whitening session, but if you don't act quickly, the impulse goes away. Here are several reasons you should act now on the desire to have a nice smile.

Driver's License and Passport Photo

How many times have you had to show your driver's license photo to someone and thought "That's a terrible photo of me." Without a nice smile, people may ask "Why were so mad when they took that photo?" Even your driver's license and passport photos deserve a big smile.

Family Photos

When you look at past family vacation and holiday photos, does it look like you're the only one not smiling? Your smile conveys your joy in the moment; at these times, it should be its broadest.

Starting a New Relationship

Have you ever hid behind the restaurant menu on a first date because you didn't want them to see your smile? It's important in new relationships to show the confidence that a bright, white smile gives you. Smiling and laughing with someone new tells them how much you enjoy their company. It also helps them feel more comfortable around you. Don't let your smile, or lack of one, get in the way of a blossoming relationship.

Wedding Photos

For many people, they get one chance at creating great wedding photos. You'll have them for the rest of your relationship, and you want your broad smile to come out in each photo. These photos are an anchor to a special day in your life and you want that smile to reflect the happiness you felt starting a future with someone.

Making New Friends

Outside of the romantic relationships you create, meeting people who will become your friends is another time when your smile is important. When you smile warmly to someone you've just met, you make them feel comfortable in your presence. This allows those conversations to happen that turn a chance meeting into a long-term friendship.

Job Interview

This is a special case of meeting someone new who will be influential in your career and your future. Greeting the interviewer with a warm smile and handshake sets the tone that you will be someone interesting to speak with. Your smile lets the interviewer see that you may be someone with whom they would enjoy working.

Public Speaking

If you often speak in front of groups of people, you want your smile to radiate confidence to the audience. If you don't smile, people will wonder what is wrong. Your message may be lost if people are not listening and wondering if you had a bad day prior to the speaking engagement.

You see that your smile is important in many moments in your life and potentially every day. Consider getting your teeth whitened by experts like Delta Oaks Dental Care so you won't miss out on those moments when you really need a healthy-looking, bright white smile.