How Dentures Are Created For First Time Wearers

It is very important to have a great smile for both function and fashion. Strong gums and teeth will prevent potential problems from forming in your muscles and jawbones, and also give you the self confidence you need to be around other people every single day.

Dentures can be a great way to help restore your smile after your natural teeth have started to fail. Even the worst teeth can be restored with dentures, which is why it is ideal for those that have sustained severe damage to their teeth. By understanding how new dentures are created, you will have less hesitations when it comes to getting them.

Initial Gum & Teeth Impression

The process starts by meeting with a denturist about the state of your current teeth. Through a consultation, they will help you decide if it is better to supplement the existing teeth that are still in your mouth, or create a full set of dentures for you.

If you decide to go the denture route, the denturist will take an impression of your gums and teeth. This will help them create dentures that are custom fit to your mouth.

Model Creation

The initial dental appliance that your denturist will produce is not the finished version of the dentures. It is actually a model that is designed to duplicate the finished product. This will help determine if the feel and look of the dentures are accurate. You will need to give your denturist approval to continue with creating the final dentures after you have determined the model feels comfortable when wearing it.

Denture Fabrication

Once the sizing is approved, your denturist can continue with fabricating the final product. The goal will be to create a realistic set of teeth that will mimic the feel and look of real teeth, all while not being apparent to others that they are fake.

Denture Adjusting

The work of your denturist is not finished once the final dentures are created. Your jaw and gums are constantly changing, and the fit of your dentures will change over time. It is common to visit a denturist every few years to have the fit of your dentures adjusted, and even inspect the dentures for possible damage.

Having dentures created is an extensive process that takes more than a single visit to a denturist. To find out if they would be a good fit for you, visit a dental clinic such as Access Family Dental. By understanding the process, you will know exactly what to expect when getting dentures to fix your smile.